Awesome Baroque Wigs Made of Paper

paper art
Written by Gary

Paper wig sculptures!

A Russian artist creates magnificent Baroque wigs out of paper.

paper art

Maybe I’m a little too artsy-craftsy, but I kind of love paper art. There is something really cool about creating something out of a material that you know could be completely destroyed by a torrential downpour at any moment. That element of paper art makes it fleeting, but also really awesome to behold. That’s probably why Russian paper artist, Asya Kozina, has been turning regular paper into high-art for years now.

“Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the baroque era,” Kozina says. “This is art for art’s sake, aesthetics for aesthetics — no practical sense, but they are beautiful. in this case, paper helps to highlight the main form and not to be obsessed with unnecessary details.”

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Kozina has created everything from traditional wigs to full-on Mongolian wedding costumes. If looking at these photos doesn’t make you want a wedding gown and wig that doubles as a legit sculpture, you either have no appreciation for beauty, or an intensely pathological fear of paper cuts, which actually, is totally understandable if you went to any public elementary school and were required to be your teacher’s personal collation device.

paper art paper art paper art paper art paper art paper art paper art

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