Personal Period Care Package

Written by Corinne

Show your uterus some love.

Besides sporting this halter top as a monthly fashion’s another way to make your time of month a little less stressful and a little more bearable. Introducing the Show Some Uterine Love Mini Menstrual Pack! This pack has all the necessary gear when it comes to showing TOM who’s boss.

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The pack includes one reusable gel heart shaped heat pack, one regular flow ‘Crimson & Clover’ cloth menstrual pad to help minimize the appearance of stains, 1 oz of cramp bark to help ease menstrual cramps (just add to your tea!) packaged in a cute kissy lips baggie, and two squares of Ghiradelli Chocolate! All of this comes in an adorable blue love-bird take out box.

So go on, show your uterus some love.

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