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Pets in Drag: Bumbleebee Dogs and Dragon Cats

A Russian salon gives colorful makeovers to boring pets.

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Is it me, or does nothing good ever come out of Russia anymore? Even vodka, who was my very best friend for the past 13 years has started to get on my nerves (or rather, the 2 day hangover that comes with turning 30).

Doria Gotz is a pet salon owner from Yakaterinburg, Russia who makes her living my transforming people’s pets into Pokemon, basically.

Two of her most famous makeovers are a dog that is now a bumblebee, and a cat that vaguely looks like a green dragon.

She claims that the dyes she uses are pet-friendly and actually have a healthy effect on the animals’ coat since they are made from Korean botanicals.

I personally wonder about the validity of this, since Russia is historically unconcerned with the physical health of it’s citizens, hello #Chernobyl.

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The RSPCA thinks no animal should be dyed just because it looks “boring”, and that these makeovers could lead to fatal consequences since the animals might respond to the foreign dye by trying to groom it away.

Say what you will about the safety of the pets, but if I saw one of these things walking down the street, I would Instagram it so fast my thumbs would break.

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