Pimples on Neck? 8 Solutions

pimples on neck
Written by Allison

Pimples on neck? Yes, there are solutions.

I have a solid fifteen years of having acne under my belt and I know just how frustrating it can be to wake up with a bunch of pimples on neck. Like, really? You couldn’t stick to the places I know you’ll be? When you have pimples on your neck, it could mean you have hormonal acne, fungal acne, or a host of other acne issues.

Dr. Ava Shamban Celebrity dermatologist and founder of SKIN FIVE tells us this likely the case when you have pimples on neck. “It’s almost always hormonal and this is the pattern for female adult acne.”

Hormonal acne is a stubborn bugger, I can tell you from experience. It’s not a simple case of finding the right products to instantly clear your skin. We’ve collected eight of the best solutions for dealing with pimples on neck and other hormonal acne.

Drink spearmint tea

Drinking spearmint tea for acne may help lower testosterone levels, chilling out your hormonal acne. It may take a lot of tea to get the job done, though. Bonus: many people find the routine of making and drinking tea soothing, lowering your stress levels. It’s also super yummy and great when you have an upset stomach.


Spironolactone (Spiro for friends) is a diuretic that has the off label use of helping to control hormonal acne. This works the same way as the spearmint tea, above, by lowering testosterone levels. This make it not an option for dudes or pregnant women.

Practice relaxing activities

Meditation is great for your brain and your skin game! When you have hormonal acne, keeping your stress levels low and controlled is going to help keep your acne predictable. We like meditation apps like Breathe, and Insight Timer.

Blow off steam with exercise

Time to grab those runners!

Another great way to melt a bit of stress is exercise. You do want to be dedicated with your post-run skincare routine though. Battling hormonal and bacterial acne at the same time? Brutal. Shower up as soon as you can after you exercise and cleanse your skin with a salicylic acid cleanser.

Birth control pills

Hormonal acne is often controlled by the birth control pill. Obviously this is not a solution for everyone depending on other health and religious reasons, but there is no denying the BCP skin glow. If you’re wondering if birth control can make you tired though, yes, that is a side effect, so be ready to snooze a little more.


Take down the inflammation on those pimples on neck with ice! Ice can work well as a quick fix if you have a large pimple you need to shrink ASAP.

Pimple patches

Pimple patches are the worlds least-cute skincare fix. A hydrocolloid patch sucks all the goo out of a pimple, flattening it and making it easier to hide! Need to wear a pimple patch on your neck while your out and about? Good thing neck scarves are coming back in fashion.

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