British Airways Flight Grounded by Someone’s Poop

airplane poop
Written by Gary

A British Airways flight turned around and landed because of someone’s feces.

airplane poop

Airplane bathrooms are basically one of the worst places on the planet. Not only are they small and cramped, but they are dirtier than the devils asshole, and full of the germs of hundreds of random people. Pretty much the only good thing about airplane bathroom is that your fecal matter gets flushed away into a containment tank, so you don’t have to worry about mounds of human turds sitting in still water. Apparently, that wasn’t enough to keep a plane in the sky last weekend though, because a British Airways flight out of Heathrow turned around 30 minutes after takeoff because someone shit so bad it was smelling up the entire cabin.

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Here is how it went down: The captain came over the loudspeaker and called all the senior flight crew to the front. Then, he made this announcement: ‘You may have noticed there’s a quite pungent smell coming from one of the toilets.’ The plane turned around and flew back into London (it was on its way to Dubai), and all the passengers were rebooked for the next day and put up in a hotel.

Can you imagine being the person whose shit was so bad that it grounded a plane and delayed hundreds of people’s trips? I can only assume that person either died of shame, or vowed never to eat at Chipotle again.

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