Popular American Restaurant Chain Serving Latkes and Shrimp for Chanukah

Written by Bryce

Latkes and shrimp: the Chanukah dinner you never expected.

Hey, Kristina Goldberg, this one’s for you and anyone else who is half Jewish on their dad’s side and just wants to get down with the Festival of Lights (or possibly just wear an ugly Chanukah romper).

Popular American seafood restaurant chain, Legal Sea Foods, will be serving fish latkes from December 12 through 20 in celebration, and because you can get just about any popular seafood offering at Legal, you can get your latkes with a side of shrimp, oysters, or even lobster.

Credit: Brian Samuels

Fish latkes are available at Legal Sea Foods Copley Place in Boston during the eight nights of Chanukah, available for both lunch and dinner, and come as New England’s newest way to serve up hot dishes of irony, because if you’re even mildly aware of Jewish dietary laws, shellfish is definitely not something to nosh on — ever, unless you’re part of the reform movement, which just kind of has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to unkosher foods.

Credit: Brian Samuels

Chef Rob Rosen created these fish latkes, or potato pancakes combined with fish bits, as an homage to the festive Jewish holiday, and perhaps a subtle nod to that other minced fish dish — gefilte. This is hardly gefilte, though, and we suspect you’ll be hard up to find any Hasidic Jew hats popping above the restaurants booths.

Any ideas for cocktails that pair well with a dish of irony? Probably kiddish wine mixed with worm-inclusive tequila, right?

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