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Popular Beauty Myths Debunked (with easy solutions)

Written by Bryce

We’re debunking some of the most common beauty myths out there. And no, coconut oil is NOT a good hair mask for all hair types.

Myth: Coconut oil is great for deep conditioning all hair types.

Please stop using this on your hair unless it’s coarse

Reality: Nope! If you color your hair coconut oil can do serious damage by leaving spots that actually can’t be colored or recolored for up to 60 days. Sure, the lipids in coconut oil are great as a lubricant, but they actually create a glue-like bond when they come in contact with processed hair, making it near impossible to cleanse hair fully for 8-12 thorough shampoos. That means if you try to get new color it’ll come out patchy and uneven, and who wants that?

Try instead: products with mongogo oil, natural almond oil, and avocado seed oil like Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté’ Hair & Skin Oil.

Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté is lightweight and can be used sparingly

Myth: Sweat is responsible for the weird stains you get on the underarm area of your shirts.

Reality: Nope! This is one of the most common beauty myths out there because it floats beyond gender barriers, too. It’s actually the way your sweat combines with aluminum-based antiperspirant and then certain types of laundry detergent, so you need to look for specific antiperspirant formulas to combat dreaded pit stains.

Try instead: switch to stain-resistant formulas. Degree makes an “Ultra Clear” formula for both women and men that’s lower in aluminum and encapsulates the active ingredients so they’re washed away with detergents rather than turned into stain helpers.

Myth: Wearing makeup with SPF is enough to cover you throughout the day.

Reality: SPF needs to be applied hourly, so putting your CC cream or SPF-enhanced foundation on in the morning will only make it through your commute.

Try instead: carry a super lightweight, high SPF facial moisturizer like Osmotics Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 45 that’s low on oil content so you can reapply throughout the day without any greasy feeling. It provides broad spectrum coverage, too.

Broad spectrum SPF 45 that’s sheer enough to reapply, by Osmotics

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Myth: Apply concealer first, then foundation.

Reality: Nothing could be more false! A realistic, photo-friendly finish can only be achieved with foundation first, then touchups with concealer.

Try instead: swap your routine and watch your look transform.

Apply foundation first


Myth: Your eyebrow pencil or product should match your eyebrows precisely.

Perfect brows start with a lighter than your natural shade filler

Reality: You need to opt for half to a full shade lighter than your actual eyebrows to make a seamless transition between your skin and brows. You don’t want to appear penciled in, do you?

The Eyelure eyebrow palette is cheap, easy, and the shades can be customized by blending


Try instead: keep a brow palette with a few shades so you can blend to create one just slightly lighter than your own brows, like the Eyelure eyebrow palettes.

Myth: Blue eye makeup is your mom’s 80s vibe and should be left there.

Blue has made a major comeback in a modern 2017 kind of way

Reality: Blue is actually the hottest color of the year for makeup, and a touch of eyeliner or soft blue shadow can bring your makeup look up to current speed.

Try instead: use navy blue in place of your black liner for a subtle touch, or brighter, bolder blue hues in the water line.

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