Pulse Play: Scorekeeping Watch for Tennis

Written by Bryce

Pulse Play is a new scorekeeping and social tracking watch for tennis lovers.

Time and time again, science proves that tennis players hate all of the following: keeping track of points, carrying bulky smartphones in their pockets (to let the scorekeeping apps do their thing), and not knowing where they rank amongst their peers. Boom, solved. All of it.

Pulse Play is a new concept in timepieces– the watch, although sporty and functional for daily wear, is really aimed at the tennis lovers of the world. For the first time since the creation of the world, sports, and happiness there’s scorekeeping watch that frees players’ hands of everything except their racquets and balls. It’s good on the court because players will accurately keep score without quarreling, but a better longterm investment in your game because it’ll help match you to other players locally, regionally, and beyond at about your skill level.

It’s smart, social tennis.

The watch is currently about 80% of the way to being fully funded on Indie Gogo, where you’ll find some pretty sweet deals on pre-ordering, like paying $95 for a pair of 2 watches in the color of your choice with free shipping (compared to the anticipated $200 each price tag after production).

For more info, to help fund, or get one early go here.

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