Rant Of The Week: Women, Gays, Blacks And Civil Rights

Written by Gary

I have been thinking a lot lately about civil rights. I know, imagine a gay person thinking about civil rights at a time like this! As the issue of gay marriage becomes more prominent in state legislature and more importantly, social media, it’s almost impossible to avoid at least one conversation about it.Β  After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the person fighting for civil rights was you.

If you are a white, straight male, you can feel free to tune out now. You can also feel free to visit my apartment for a handie.

It was only within the last century that women and African Americans were finally afforded the same civil rights as everyone else. Not so long ago, women weren’t allowed to own property or vote. African Americans had to use separate bathrooms. Marriage was viewed as a form of ownership, perhaps even a form of slavery.

Almost every sub-culture of people whether classified by race, gender, sexuality, or political affiliation has had to fight for civil rights at some point in the span of their existence. I think about the horrible things people have had to endure in the past, and I think of the amazing things that will exist in my future because of those people, and I can’t help but feel blessed to live in this political climate where people have the ability to fight for what they believe in.

So the next time a discussion about gay marriage comes up, think about this: It used to be you.

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