Reason 983 Why McDonalds is Bad, So Very Bad

Written by Bryce

A picture of a particularly gross McFlurry machine is proving why McDonalds is bad… so very, very bad.

There’s a good chance you’re not a fast food fan anyway, and that’s okay, this article will just be life affirming for you. In the off chance you’re like so many people who think “I don’t eat the burgers, I’m just in it for the ice cream and fries,” this is going to horrify you. The photo you’re about to see is why McDonalds is bad enough to make it to the twitterverse as totally disgusting.

Just take a look at this gross McFlurry machine tray — this is why McDonalds is bad. via Twitter

Now, before we land ourselves in hot legal water, we’d like to say that we believe someone up at McDonalds corporate probably made a great set of rules and regulations concerning hygiene for employees to follow, but if the employees are in one door and out the other (the fast food industry has a notoriously low employee retention rate), how many of them are really going to be so deeply dedicated to their jobs that they’ll follow through on every minute detail — like cleaning the McFlurry machine regularly, even if some locations offer a vegan burger. We can’t say for sure, but we can imagine, and then our imaginations hop over to twitter and see photos like this and ugh, it all goes to hell from there.

The images, provided by an employee named “Nick” at a Mcdonalds based in the US, show a metal tray he claims was taken out of one of the ice cream machines. It’s obviously loaded with grime and all sorts of nasty stuff we can’t entirely identify. Factually speaking though, we know we don’t want to ingest it.

Nick’s tweet has been retweeted thousands of times, and has even been met with a fair amount of doubt. He quelled those doubts by giving more photos to explain why McDonalds is bad.

We’re interested to see what happens next, but even more interested to know what YOUR reaction is. Weigh in below in the comments section!

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