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15 Reasons Your Hair is Brittle

Written by andy

Find out what’s behind your dry, weakening hair…

Your hair is designed to grow healthy and strong, but when you don’t give it the right nutrition, you could end up causing damage–to the point that it falls out, or at the very least becomes brittle and dry. If you want to prevent this problem, here are a few reasons that your hair is brittle:

  1. You’ve washed it too much — Overwashing your hair washes away the oils that protect it. Unprotected hair is much more likely to become dry and brittle.
  2. You’re not getting enough biotin in your diet — Biotin is an important B vitamin that plays a central role in the health of your hair, and a lack of biotin can lead to not only brittle hair, but a dry scalp as well.
  3. You’re not getting enough copper — A lack of copper can lead to problems with your thyroid gland, which in turn can cause your skin to discolor and your hair to become dry and brittle.
  4. You’re lacking Vitamin C — Without Vitamin C, your skin and hair do not have the nutrients needed to be healthy.
  5. You’re not getting enough iron — Iron helps your body produce red blood cells, which carry the nutrients to your hair and skin. Not enough iron means not enough nutrients reach your hair, leading to dry and brittle hair.
  6. You’re not getting enough manganese — This vital mineral activates the enzymes that allows your body to use Vitamin C to promote hair, skin, and nail health.
  7. You have diabetes — Those with diabetes may become susceptible to skin problems, such as diabetes psoriasis, which affects the scalp and hair health.

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  1. You have thyroid problems — Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can both cause hormonal imbalances, which can in turn lead to problems with your hair health.
  2. You’re spending too much time in the sun — When you spend a lot of time in the sun, the heat damages hair follicles and strands faster than your body can repair them.
  3. You’re in the wind — The wind can dry out of your hair faster than the sun, and the lack of protective oil leads to your hair becoming brittle and easily damaged.
  4. You’re not drinking enough water — Did you know that dehydration can lead to brittle, dry hair? When there isn’t enough moisture for your body, your hair begins to suffer.
  5. You blow-dry/curl your hair too much — Heat and hot air can both cause damage to your hair, so excessive use of a blow-dryer or a curling iron can lead to brittle hair.
  6. You’re not getting enough iodine — Iodine is vital for your thyroid function, but a lack of it can lead to the thyroid problems which can in turn contribute to brittle and dry hair.
  7. You’re not getting enough selenium — Selenium deficiencies alone won’t cause a problem, but pair it with an iodine deficiency, and you’ll start to see SERIOUS problems with your hair health.
  8. You’re not getting enough protein — Protein is the nutrient your body needs the most of in order to produce healthy hair. After all, hair is made up of protein, so getting enough protein is the key to having healthy, protected hair.

If you notice that your hair is brittle or dry, it’s very likely that one of the above factors are causing it. It’s vital that you have a balanced diet, for only by getting all the nutrients your body needs can you prevent hair health problems!

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