Red Velvet Corndogs, and Other Insane Hot Dog Combos

The Vulgar Chef creates strange food combinations that no sane person would ever eat.

red velvet corndogs

I don’t consider myself a very adventurous eater. In fact, I rarely eat leftovers, and I consider shrimp to be the cockroaches of the sea. That being said, I have eaten my fair share of funnel cakes and fried Twinkies at state fairs, so let me just put my resting bitch face on pause for a minute and join the rest of society.

Red velvet corndogs.

Do I really need to say more? Okay, I guess I do. Kyle Marcoux, the food blogger behind The Vulgar Chef created these red velvet corndogs when he was drunk. He also made the blueberry pancake concoction pictured below.

If you have never been to his site, he basically makes culinary shit, curses a lot, and has no regard for grammar.

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Here is the excerpt from his post about these red velvet monstrosities: “In not going into any fucking details. I got drunk and made corn dogs a few ways. When you see this shit at your county cock fair or whatever just remember where you saw it first.”

I mean, what else is there to say except that I personally challenge you readers to get a little (or big) buzz and make something even crazier.

If you do, I promise to write about it. #Honesty

red velvet corndogs

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