Relationship Spotting: 24 Hours Without My iPhone

Written by Casey

Relationship Spotting: 24 Hours Without My iPhone

In today’s modern world technolgoy has intigrated itself into our lives. It’s as if every member of our families has a new boyfriend or girlfriend that they are obsessed with and always boast about, and carry around. Except this type of boyfriend or girlfriend can’t sleep with you, take you out to dinner, or help you when you are feeling down. What an iPhone can do is enable you to text someone who you want to sleep with, find you a great restaurant, and play funny movies on YouTube or show you great pictures on Instagram to make you smile.

I lost my phone yesterday. I spent the weekend with family in Westchester and realized on the train back to Manhattan I didn’t have it. I was already having a shit day so I didn’t yell or scream. Wait, actually I almost started tearing up. But I’m a Cancer with a rising sign of Cancer so it’s normal.

I frantically though, what would I do without my music? My notes to write down my errands. My equinox app so I can book a spin bike for tomorrow morning. All my emails, and my Instagram. My texts?!

I emailed my mom and told my best friend to come over so she would prove greater than a cellphone. And I actually had a wonderful time. I learned how to appreciate my neighborhood and came to the re-realization that the East Village had some of the most beautiful streets in the world. I appreciated my watch which was used as a tool, not a fashion accessory. Most of all I learned that my true friends would always be there for me. As soon as I emailed my best friend she responded with “be over in 5 minutes”.

As I write this I am in my apartment waiting for my brother to drop off my phone, and I’m kind of bummed. It will be a big “back to reality” hit and I don’t know if I’m ready for it.

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