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Relationship Spotting: Some Notes on Drunk Texting

drunk texting
Written by Gary

drunk texting

We have all felt the emotions that come with meeting someone you really like. You think about them all the time, combine your first and last names (I am sad to admit that I do this, even though I’m gay) and yes, you also get drunk and toy with the idea of drunk texting them.

In your early 20’s, drunk texting is acceptable because you want to get across what you have to say, but need an excuse to say it. In your early 20’s you are still figuring a lot of crap out, most importantly, how to get a guy to like you without coming off as a prude or a slut. It’s a delicate balance, but even though drunk texting can be kind of cute, it also leans toward slut.

Here are the three possible outcomes of a drunk text from a girl:

1. She is drunk and horny. If you actually like the guy, then this probably isn’t the message you want to send )no pun intended. If you are actually drunk and horny, then more power to you. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself walk of shaming the next day in a sweater that he tells you to keep.

2. This girl is a hot mess that drinks too much. Also her grammar is appalling, and I can only imagine that she’s currently taking shots out of her sorority sisters belly buttons and flashing her boobs for a ride home. She’s not wife material.

3. This girl is thinking about me, but is too bashful to say it until she’s drunk. That’s cute. Kind of. Well, it’ll be cute the first three times.

The problem with texting at all is that you lose context. Even when you’re sober it is entirely possible that your texts are going to be mis-read. If you add delayed judgment on top of that, you are creating a possible disaster. My advice? Drunk text a smiley face, or a “thinking of you” text, but nothing more. Trying to have an actual drunk conversation is hard enough without your liquored-up fingers getting in the way.

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