Relationship Spotting: Waiting for the Right Guy

Written by Gary

I am just going to say it. Being single is awesome. During the summer, especially in New York, the streets are chock-full of people ready to just strip off their sweaty clothes and bump uglies next to an air-conditioning unit that barely works.  I have been seeing a guy for a while now, but things have not yet gotten serious. I am not 100% sure whether or not they will, and I am totally fine with that.

From birth, society tries to goad us into finding The One, so much so that straight people fresh out of college actually feel guilt if they didn’t find the love of their lives while in school. What society fails to mention however, is that we have to be ready to receive the one, should they ever show up on our doorstep. When we are young, we don’t even know ourselves. How can we be expected to find the loves of our lives when we haven’t even found ourselves?

I think being single is a blessing. Its an opportunity to get to know yourself on a very deep, important level.

That way, when someone truly remarkable finally does come along, you will have personally developed enough to create a long-lasting relationship. One remarkable person begets another, and the only way to become remarkable is by knowing who you truly are inside.

You can really only take this journey on your own.

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