Removing Makeup: The Correct Way

Written by Casey

Makeup remover tips

We can’t stress how important it is to take up your makeup after a long night. No matter how much fun I’ve had, or how tired I am, I still come home and go straight to the bathroom to grab my washcloth, face wash, and some cotton balls and my eye makeup remover. It makes getting into bed after a long night in heels so much more worth it.

First: Start of with the eye makeup. Take it all off. I personally love LotuSculpt by Tracie Martyn Skin Care You put a little on a cotton pad and use it to remove your mascara, eye shadow, and liner.

Second: Follow up with a water-based or foaming cleanser. These are gentle and will remove any excess product left from your foundation, blush, or bronzer.

Third: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Remember that you don’t always have to use a thick heavy moisturizer. Oil is your friend, and oil and is great for taking off makeup (just be careful not to get in your eyes.)

Once you wipe off your makeup, you need to take a cotton pad and some clean water and take off the oil.

Now that’s all finished, and you can go to bed and wakeup feeling and look fresh and beautiful in the morning.

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