Return of the Polar Vortex Survival Kit

Written by Bryce

The Polar Vortex is once again upon us, forcing most of us able-minded humanfolk to think that Winter has taken up permanent residency in our fashion and beauty routines. No matter, here’s what you’ll need to fortify yourself:

1. Hydration is everything. Frankly, I don’t care if we ride this one out in 2008’s pajama pants, so long as our skin is properly cared for. Why, you ask? Because good skin is the basis for everything beautiful, and we all know a girl with supple, healthy skin can pull of even the worst fashion choices. I’m head over heels for Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream because it lasts and lasts, sort of like this frigid weather. Availabe here.

2. Stockpile your caramel macchiato action. OK, this one technically doesn’t count as a beauty or fashion item, but I’ll tell you one thing: no caffeine in this weather is beyond un-pretty. I’d rather deprive myself of mascara than a super delish coffee. Dolce Gusto makes at-home caramel macchiatos super easy– pop in the pods, hit the brew button, and like 30 seconds later you’re sipping a barista-quality coffee that you didn’t even have to put real pants on for. Win, win, win.

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3. The boots’ll get you through it all. In the event you DO decide to leave your home or office (or home office?), you’ll need adequate gear. By “adequate gear” I really just mean super tough boots, like these Sorel Carly boots. You’ve seen them everywhere, and for good reason. They look cute whilst protecting you from the evils of slush. Boom, you win. Available here.

4. Make your makeup do double duty. You’ll be too busy worrying about how many caramel macchiatos = too many, and which socks to wear with your Sorels to spend a crazy amount of time applying makeup. Go casual– I love this BB compact by Physicians Formula. It perfects skin and hides imperfections in a rich, creamy formula that’s easy to build up or apply as thin as a veil. Work it into the undereye area with a thicker application for a concealer effect, or with a damp sponge around the rest of the face for a light, subtle BB cream event that works for every skin type. Available here.

5. Or just give in, stay in wearing this, and investigate Netflix. Whatever, I’m not forcing you to go out. Sip your coffee in this cutesy ruffle robe by Aerie, delay everything, repeat. Available here.

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