Review: Fatter Lashes by Lashem

Written by Bryce

Lashem helps grow bushier eyelashes… we like that!

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Being the editor of TheLuxurySpot certainly has its perks- we get oodles of beauty goodies sent to us every day to try and review.  More often than not, I’m not impressed.  Lashem, however, caught my attention.  Instead of using the super expensive prescription lash growth formulas, I opted to try Lashem for a few reasons:

  • Prescriptions for things that I don’t really NEED make me nervous
  • I can’t really risk crazy side effects (the commercials say it could stain your eye, ah!!!)
  • $85 is a much easier way to try a product vs the cost of a prescription that my insurance company would never deem “necessary.”

Lashem is the only dual-patented formula. It focuses on delivering active ingredients like oligo polypeptide directly to the root of the lash, while also delivering other natural ingredients like panthenol, green tea, and goji berry.  The product is paraben, fragrance, and prostaglandin free, and goes on with an easy to use wand.

After about 3 weeks of using it every night after taking my makeup off, I started to notice something: my lashes were longer and thicker.  Enough that I actually felt good about giving my eyes a break and skipping the mascara the next day.  Don’t expect this product to grow you a whole new set of lashes, but it certainly will nourish and enhance the ones you already have for a longer, fuller look.

ps- we’ve got it for over 50% off till this Friday:)  Buy it here.


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