Review: The Best Curling Iron I’ve Ever Used

Written by Bryce

When I started to write this article, it was originally going to be a round up of a few great curling irons under $75. I was looking for ease of use, safety (no one likes a singed ear or finger), and obviously how awesome the hair looked post-curling. By the time I tried the Rusk Heat Freak 1″ curling iron, I was done… the other irons just sort of didn’t matter anymore. That being said, there are other irons that’ll definitely get the job done, some of which were even mega cheap (like $22 at drugstores)… but none were as sleek, easy to use, precise, and easy to hold as the Rusk model. Simply put, it’s the only model I kept for my own collection (the rest were given away to friends after I gave them a test run).

The barrels is infused with ceramic and tourmaline, which provide instant and precise heat while distributing natural ions and far-infrared heat for optimal results. Far-infrared temperature range of 284°F to 430°F allows maximum flexibility and helps to preserve hair’s health and condition.$69.99 on Amazon
I did not receive any compensation for this post, but I did receive the product itself for review purposes.


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