Rollercoaster Restaurant Delivers Your Food on Tiny Roller Coasters

rollercoaster restaurant
Written by Gary

A roller coaster restaurant.

Fast food means something entirely different at a rollercoaster restaurant.

rollercoaster restaurant

Until recently, I was never all that into rollercoasters. I always kind of had a fear that I would get stranded at the top, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would have to come rescue me in the Olsen Force One helicopter. In the past few years I have started not only going to them, but always sitting in the very front car. The moral of the story is that I like them now, because I understand the adrenaline rush. It’s similar to the adrenaline rush you get when you are super hungry, and your food finally arrives.

Alton Towers, a British theme park, is capitalizing on this very same adrenaline rush concept with their newly opened ‘Rollercoaster Restaurant’, where all the food is delivered via tiny rollercoasters.

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The rollercoaster structure itself is 26-feet high, with 2 loop-de-loops. Everyone’s food arrives via the same coaster, so when it arrives at the bottom it lands on a lazy susan, with a flag displaying the table number, so you can tell whether the food is yours or not. The food arrives in closed containers, and the drinks in bottles, obviously, or this thing could get pretty messy.

I know its kind of tacky, but I’m all for themed restaurants, especially rollercoaster restaurant themes, in theme parks and frankly, anywhere else. Anyway, you know where to take me for my next birthday. rollercoaster restaurant rollercoaster restaurant

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