Scary Laws in Dubai that Could Land Travelers in Jail

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Reasons not to visit Dubai.

Even though Dubai is painted out to be the lap of luxury, it can actually be a terrifying place thanks to a host of scary laws — if you’re into freedom and liberty and all that jazz, pick another destination.


We have all seen and heard of Dubai, the jewel of the desert — a modern UAE city built in the shape of a flower, sitting in the middle of a desert wasteland. From the flashy cars to the expensive luxury hotels, Dubai looks and seems like a really cool place to visit. That is, unless you are gay, a woman who likes to show skin, or anyone who drops the F-bomb on the regular.

Even though Dubai seems like a treasure trove of unlimited fun, it’s hardly Vegas, and there are a lot of things you can get in trouble for there. If you are thinking of visiting, best keep these six things in mind.

  1. The government censors the internet, blocking anything that stands in opposition of ‘the ethics and morals of the UAE’. Generally this only applies to gambling, porno, and illegal drugs, but other blogs that speak ill of the UAE and sites catering to the LGBT community have also been blocked.

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2. You can’t curse. According to the code of conduct, profanity and rude gestures are illegal, and you can even be arrested for swearing at someone over the phone. Shit.

3. Women who don’t cover up are subject to sexual harassment. Although foreign women aren’t expected to cover their entire bodies, if you are thought to be dressed inappropriately, you can be harassed and even mistaken for a prostitute.

4. Even if you’re a rape victim, you face jail time. That’s right — you can actually go to jail for BEING raped. Think we’re kidding? Read this story of a European woman who was jailed for participating in ‘extramarital affairs’ even though her participation was forced.

5. If you drink, you could end up in jail, since drinking is illegal for Muslims in the UAE. Non-Muslims aren’t allowed to consume, transport, or possess alcohol unless they have a license to do so. You can go to jail for up to six months for drinking without a proper license in Dubai.

6. If you kiss someone in public, you could end up in jail, too. Holding hands is permitted for married couples, but kissing and petting are considered offensive to public decency, and could land you in jail. So, yes — you can buy a Rolex for your lover, but no, they can’t give you a kiss in public to say ‘thanks’ or anything even remotely like it.

7. Homosexuality is illegal, and you can be imprisoned for up to 10 years for CONSENSUAL gay sex. A 15-year-old boy who was kidnapped and raped had to flee the country because he was accused of being gay, by the doctor who examined him.

The moral of the story is, if you like your freedoms like drinking, dressing however you want, and gay sex, you should probably steer clear of Dubai until they become a more progressive country with less scary laws.

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