This Shade of Lipstick for Yellow Teeth Takes Years Off Your Smile

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The perfect shades of lipstick for yellow teeth are right under your nose.

Having a not so perfectly white smile isn’t the worst thing in the world. My teeth aren’t perfectly white! But, sometimes foregoing the pilgrimage to your dentist to get some whitening done means that any hint of color will show up when compared to a lipstick. I’ve become something of a master of choosing lipstick for yellow teeth. Just a smidge of color theory and you’ll (seem) to have white teeth, too.

liptstick for the whitest teeth

Before we start, here’s our base line with no lipstick and a handy white backdrop for comparison.

Warm vs cool tones

lipstick for whiter teeth

The first and biggest lesson is to choose cool toned lipstick over warm tones. You can see in this comparison that with everything else the exact same my teeth look significantly way more yellow against the orange lipstick. That red lipstick? It’s the Bite Beauty lipstick, one of my favorite shades of lipstick for yellow teeth.

lipstick for whiter teeth

lipstick for whiter teethEven without the (way too close) close up you can see the difference. An orange based (warm) red like Kat Von D Countess brings out the yellow in teeth. The blue-ish (cool) undertones to Bite’s Tannin contrasts and makes teeth look whiter.

Light vs dark shades

lipstick for whiter teeth lipstick for whiter teeth

Next issue is contrast. Teeth tend to look lighter and brighter when compared to a dark lip. Even though the top, pastel shade is more cool toned than the darker pink, my teeth look brighter against the darker lip.

lipstick for whiter teeth

If you just can’t do a dark lip day to day, you can fake a whiter smile by going for a medium, cool toned shade.

Some favorites are:

The Best Shade of Lipstick for Yellow Teeth

It all boils down to the deeper the color with a cool tone, the better off you are going to be.

Some of the best lipsticks for yellow teeth are:

But if you’re over the not-so-bright teeth situation, you could always whiten your teeth at home!

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