Showering After Yoga, Expand the Relaxation

Written by Bryce

Yoga is one of my fave fitness experiences for a host of reasons- but mostly for the somewhat gentle approach to sweating your brains out and getting your limbs into great shape (sorry, running is just redundant to me). But after an hour or so of mind-blowing levels of simultaneous relaxation and physical health, how do you keep that vibe going a little longer? By extending your yoga mentality to post-Vinyasa shower. (PS- did you know Marilyn Monroe did yoga, too?)


1. Rinse clean with a rich scent. Caress’ Tempting Whisper body wash is surprisingly rich in luxury fragrance notes that delight the senses. You’ll get bursts of both calming and invigorating notes, perfect for a showering after yoga cleanse in a steamy stall. If you’re into bright florals, and sultry deep fragrance, this one is a must. Available .

2. Smooth skin always wins. There’s something simply soothing about baby-soft skin after an hour of praying for child’s pose to return. Schick Quattro disposables are perfect to throw in your gym bag, and leave you silky smooth (personally, I leave one of these razors in each of my travel cases just to be on the safe side). Available everywhere.

3. Deep condition while you get things done. Deep conditioning while you shave your legs and other gal parts is not only an effective use of time, but the light and delish scent of this conditioner by Ecru will keep you enjoying every minute of your shower. Plus, your hair will be as smooth as your legs, and that’s pretty jazzy. Available here.

4. Step out into a field of almond joy. Spritz a little almond dry oil body spray by c. Booth after your shower and you’ll replace the need for additional moisturizers, greasy hands of any sort, perfume, or an extra shot of almond syrup in your latte. Literally obsessed with this stuff, and my only gripe is they don’t make an economy size for addicts like myself. By the way, it’s a dry oil, so it’s not a greasy mess under your clothes. Boom, you might even look forward to showering after yoga. Available here.

5. Don’t leave your face out! You’ve nourished your mind, body, and soul… but what about your precious face? Obagi has the best vitamin C day cream I’ve tried yet. It gently exfoliates, goes to work on hyperpigmentation, and fights the signs of aging. Basically, this little bottle is a yoga bootcamp instructor for your facial skin, and who doesn’t love that? Available here.

And, if you’re dying for a little mood lighting for the bathroom, I love these paraffin-free candles by The Body Shop. They’re elegant, long burning, and the Aloe & Soft Linen scent transports you to a spa each and every time. Available here.




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