Here’s How to Skip the Line at Just Salad & Be Greener

just salad black bowl
Written by Bryce

This kit is a line-skipping pass at Just Salad

New Yorkers have been obsessed for ages with the healthy offerings at Just Salad, and with locations popping up in cities far and wide, the deep-seeded need for a way to skip the lunchtime lines is growing. Seriously, is there anything more painful than chewing on one’s own lips while waiting for a Modern Greek Crunch? We can’t think of anything other than global warming, which Just Salad wants to karate-chop like a tomato destined for salad.

That’s why the salad chain is partnering with S’well, everyone’s fave water bottle to both drink out of and show off when traipsing around trendy neighborhoods, to reduce plastic waste and make the world a greener, healthier place. They launched a limited-edition Sustainability Kit that’s a very-reasonable $39 and features Just Salad’s reusable VIP Black Bowl and Swell’s London Chimney bottle. They’re packaged in an eco-friendly “It’s Easy Being Green reusable tote that we think makes carrying you gym kicks cuter than ever.

just salad sustainability kit

The coveted VIP Black Bowl included in the Sustainability Kit offers a long list of perks, including line-skipping privileges and a free protein topping with every use through the end of the 2019. That means you can up your keto diet ante, find extra joy in soy, or even go wild for eggs atop your greens.

just salad black bowl

Just Salad also recently made a commitment to save 100,000 pounds of plastic in 2019 —up from 75,000 pounds of plastic— through the brand’s reusable bowl program. We can stand behind a toothy, tasty promise like that.

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