Sleep in a cable car hotel dangling at 9,000 feet

airbnb cable car
Written by Gary

Airbnb transformed a hanging cable car in the French Alps into a luxurious hotel room.

airbnb cable car

I apologize in advance, but I am going to go ahead and tell you that I shit my pants a little every time I take the cable car over the East River to Roosevelt Island in NYC, so sleeping in a dangling cable car hotel 9,000 feet over a mountain is something I would never want to do. Since I would never want to do it, I probably should and will, because that is what being a badass is all about.

In an attempt to further their mission to take over the Internet, Airbnb has turned a cable car dangling 9,000 feet over the French Alps into a beautiful one-bedroom, two-bed apartment that can hold up to 4 guests. The stunt is part of their ‘A Night At’ contest, which awards contestants with 24-hour experiences in random, exclusive places.

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If you are lucky enough to win a stay in this room, you can look forward to strong winds battering you about all night, so you should probably bring some Ambien. They can’t guarantee that you won’t plummet to your death, but they can promise you some breathtaking views if you survive the night.

airbnb cable car

airbnb cable car

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