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Written by Sara
I’m a sucker for good BBQ, and The Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva, WI. went WAY above and beyond the BBQ call of duty when they brought in Pit Master and award winning BBQ extraordinaire, Matt Whiteford. Whiteford was tasked with creating a new menu for the appropriately named Waterfront Restaurant @ The Abbey. Task well done–this guy knows (and loves) his BBQ and he created a mouth-watering menu to awaken any taste buds!!  Whiteford prepares all BBQ on a traditional southern outdoor smoker and spices it up with various rubs and marinades throughout the cooking process. He then slathers on one of his very own gourmet BBQ sauces…Naturally, I ordered everything on the menu. You know, just to try everything. I’m not afraid to get dirty with my BBQ! I devoured the baby back ribs and the chicken…then went after the short ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans—-you name it. After all that I realized I hadn’t even tried the pulled pork!!!!! Pulled pork is my fave!!!!!! So I ordered that, too.  It was piggish ( extremely goyish) and I simply do not care because it was honestly the best damn BBQ I’ve ever had. Every dish equally delish, and the 4 unique BBQ sauces gave a special kick to every bite. There is also a Cayenne Pepper Sauce which is my personal fave—I bought like 8 bottles of it to go and they are almost gone already because the bf drinks hot sauce out of the bottle like water. Normal. Luckily I can buy more online, and so can you at
Ahhhh… mouth waters just reliving the experience. But, BBQ aside, The Abbey Resort is incredible in and of itself. There’s something to do for everyone. My 6 year old brother came to visit me for a day (with his baby mama and my grandma. Obviously he did not drive himself there from Madison, WI., which is where my family is from) and I’m pretty sure he had the time of his life splish-splashing in the pools (indoor and outdoor), and tearing it up late night in the huge game room. It was more than I expected, and It’s such a short distance from Chicago (it took me like 2 hours to get there, but had I not gotten lost in the town of Big Foot on the way it probably would have been much closer to 45 minutes, fml) that I know I will be back to The Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva often.  The food, the picturesque docks on the waterfront, the brand new and luxurious spa at the resort…. It’s truly the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Chi City Living. Perhaps one of the best experiences of the summer.
The Abbey Resort & Spa, The Waterfront Restaurant or call 888.629.9594.
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