Soak Up the Sun…In A Can

Written by Stephanie

I am sad to say that my summer glow has finally faded. I like to keep my sun-kissed skin all winter long but I don’t like tanning beds, too claustrophobic and they leave you with a funny smell. But I have found the perfect solution, Tan Airbrush in a Can from ModelCo!! This is not a lotion, it comes in a spray can with a 360 degree nozzle (helps you get those hard to reach places, like your back and the back of your legs) and creates even coverage in minutes!! It doesn’t streakand gives you a natural glow, not orange and not dirty.  Best of all it doesn’t smell!

Here’s how you apply:

First exfoliate (perhaps with Thymes Essentials Body Scrub). Apply within 30 minutes after showering, your skin will react best with the active ingriedents.

I applied it in the shower. Since it was my first time using it, I sometimes missed my body and it went on the walls. (oops!) Turn the shower on after though and it will rinse right off. And make sure you put a towel down on the floor so when you step out you don’t leave footprints!

It sprays on evenly, if any blotching occurs just rub in with your hands. I recomend using latex gloves for this so you don’t stain your hands.

It dries in only 10 minutes! So you can redress almost immediatly and like I said before you won’t smell like you just used a fake tanner and who doesn’t love that ?

The tan intensifies in hours giving you a natural bronzed glow so you look like you just stepped off the beach!

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