SoCo Pom

Written by Ashley

So, this weekend, Steph & I are embarking on a trip. A big trip. Once a year, we get sloshed like the old days, at our old college’s homecoming. I’m so ready to pretend that I still drink kegs every night and walk around in public with grey sweatpants & my mascara from last night on, still drunk on my way to class. ( Along with the same bang-poof. I was a master at the poof.) Seriously, college, you were the jam.

In any case, I know that before the kegs, the bars & the blackouts, Steph &  I will have to bring myself to an acceptable BAC while riding the Metro-North, to greet my fellow drunkies. How can I gear up to channel my college experience without

And in all reality, I still display a lot of the aforementioned college-like behavior, but with a little more class- when it comes to my pre-game drink choices.What is my drink of choice for travel indulgence?  By Recommendation from the SoCo peeps themselves, I have fallen in love with the following beverage.

SoCo Pom

1.5 oz Southern Comfort

Fill with FUZE Empower Pomegranate Acai Berry


Only 20 Calories, with hardly any sugar in the whole 18.5 oz bottle. Proceeds from these bottles go to the Susan G Komen ‘Race for the Cure’. I’m feeling like a college grad bettering my life, sip by sip. Although, I will most likely be just drinking a quarter of my FUZE, replacing with SoCo, and hit the road.

Oh, college. How I miss you.

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