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Written by Bryce

Every now and then when I’m required to travel for (on behalf of The Luxury Spot, vacation, or otherwise), people always ask me how my skin looks so fresh & healthy after long hours of travel.  Of course, being 25 doesn’t hurt, but aside from youth I’m VERY into maintaining skin moisture.  Trust me, you won’t find dry/dull skin in my home.  Traveling with bulky jars of skin creams, eye creams, & powders is a downright pain in the ass… so if you’ve got the extra change to spare (or somehow can justify this as a biz travel expense), I’d recommend checking out the Orlane Lightbox.  At $200, it sure is a pricey investment for a week of skincare, but it might be worth it for a special occasion like a destination wedding, honeymoon, or special trip with your man.


It comes complete with about a week’s worth of a super-hydrating skin mask, eye pads & serum, luminating creme, and a lightly sparkling powder to finish it all off.  With the exception of the mask, all the products come in individual packages.  The creme is particularly rich and hydrating, but somehow doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy, oily, or clogged.

If $200 is a bit too steep for a week’s worth of skincare to travel with (we totally understand!), you might want to check out the Wonderbar.  The 25 gram size is small enough to put in your pocket, but gives you about 6-8 weeks of phenomenal skincare.  It’s made of Heilmoor clay (straight from Austria), and algae extracts that help skin to stay radiant and supple.  And, since it’s basically a mask/bar of soap in one, you can take it in your carryon bag when you travel!  $40 well spent.


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