Introducing the Automatic Sperm Extractor

automatic sperm extractor
Written by Gary

Funny story, my nickname in high school was sperm extractor. It still is, in fact. The automatic sperm extractor is used in China to manually stimulate men in order to collect sperm samples for infertility treatments. I have no idea why it even exists, since I have two automatic sperm extractors attached to my body at the end of my arms.

automatic sperm extractor

This gorgeous hunk of machinery was originally introduced via Weibo from a hospital in Nanjing, China. The device has a massage component, built-in lube dispenser, handles for when shit gets real, and a pleasant visual display complete with ambient surround sound music. So basically, it’s a very sophisticated sex robot. The machine is allegedly only used for infertility treatments, even though it was initially thought to be used for sperm donation. I am pretty sure the male staff at the hospitals where it resides have stuck to that rule like gospel. I just rolled my eyes so hard that I can now see my own ass.

Damn it Asia, you have done it again.

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