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Written by Bryce

Bryce’s new fave skincare find

I always say that good skin is the starting point to beauty. It almost doesn’t matter what eye makeup you have, lip gloss you’re rocking, or new hairstyle you’re trying if your skin isn’t flawless.  Flawless skin exudes health, youth, and a glow that attracts others.  I was pretty excited when Dr. David Colbert invited me into his NYC dermatology office to try his signature Triad Facial because it’s the same facial that the Victoria’s Secret gals have been relying on for perfect pre-photoshoot and runway skin. Frankly, if Miranda Kerr is getting Triad Facials, I want to be getting Triad Facials too.

The process in his office is actually fast enough that it can easily be done on a lunch hour (about 40 minutes), and is a no-frills, totally medical approach to glowing skin. You’re not going in for a massage and aromatics- you’re going in for skin that glows for weeks.  The process is a series of gentle exfoliating techniques, lasers, and natural collage production stimulation.  I left noticing only a mild difference, but by the third day after my first Triad Facial I noticed my skin bursting with radiance.  I went to my cousin’s bachelorette party hardly wearing any makeup, and somehow my skin was glowing all night (evidence below).

If you’re not in NYC or able to get to Dr. Colbert’s office for the Triad Facial, his skincare line will rock your world just the same.  My favorite product in the line is the little magical jar of facial discs neatly labeled “intensify” so you understand that your skin is about to undergo an intense transformation.  Each disc has a perfect little handle that makes it easy to use and keep your gorgeous nails in tact, while spreading the pre-soaked microderm goodness around your face, neck, and chest.  They’re perfect to use 2-3 times a week as a way to boost collagen production and new cell turnover. 20 pads are $48, and if you ask me, a great under $50 gift for the beauty enthusiast in your life. Or just yourself;)

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