Sriracha Beer Exists.

Written by Bryce

Sriracha beer exists so you can cut out the middle man: food. 

Remember when the sriracha was just sort of an under the radar thing that foodies added to their french fries and artisan sandwiches? Now there’s no need to even have the food. Sriracha beer exists, entirely eliminating the need for solid food.

“Created by Oregon-based brewery Rogue Ales, the ‘Sriracha Hot Stout Beer’ is made with the “Huy Fong original hot chili sauce” and flavored with “sun ripened Rogue Farms ingredients”.

 According to Rogue Ales, the spicy beer goes well with most of your favorite food, including pizza, hotdogs and hamburgers. The Sriracha Hot Stout Beer is available at a pre-order price of US$13 here.”

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