A Student Donates a Lifetime Supply of Brownies to a Homeless Shelter

brownies for the homeless
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Brownies for the homeless!

A 19-year old man in the UK is feeding the homeless aa lifetime supply of brownies, because he’s all about spreading sweetness.

brownies for the homeless

There are lots of different ways to be charitable in the world, and 19 year old Bradley Williams proved that by donating a lifetime supply of brownies to his local homeless shelter.

It went down like this: Bradley, while browsing Facebook, saw a local bakery called Bake Mates opening in his hometown (Canterbury), and messaged them. He asked if they would give him a lifetime supply of brownies and cookies if he got 20,000 likes, 10,000 comments, and 5,000 shares on a screenshot of the message. Creative, right?

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The company agreed, but only gave him 48 hours to accomplish the task. Within 12 hours, he had met his target, and the post went viral. Even though Bradley received some hateful comments about his weight (people of the internet: do better, okay?), he decided to turn the entire thing into something positive, and donate the lifetime supply of brownies to a local homeless charity called Catching Lives.

Brownies aren’t really high on nutritional value, but this whole thing reminds us that homeless people are people too, and they deserve a treat now and then just like the rest of us. Maybe the biggest mitzvah here is Bradley’s understanding that homeless people want to feel every bit as normal as the rest of us. It also shows us that there are plenty of ways out there to do some good in the world, even if it comes from an unexpected place.

It takes a good person to donate their lifetime supply of brownies, because God only knows I might be sitting in a closet with them and a bucket of ice cream for the rest of time.

brownies for the homeless

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