Summer Hair Drama

Written by Maura

Summer can be absolutely brutal on your hair. I for one, in the past, have had a lot of issues mainly because of chlorine, salt and heat damage. As a lifeguard I spent years in pools and in the ocean, and it can totally do a number on your ‘do. On top of that evilness to my locks I also tend to blow dry and straighten my hair wwaaaayyy more than I should..I’ve got a curly hair complex that I’m working on. So anyway I thought I’d try to find my troubled sisters in the same predicament as I some help. So here’s a couple of options for those of you who put your hair through the ringer every time July rolls around (and the best part about this is that all the products contain a UV protectant to keep your hair from being fried in the sun.) First up is a double wammy, both from got2b’s Smooth Operator Collection of styling products, the Smoothing Luster Lotion and Smooting Satin Drops. First thing’s first, anytime I hear de-frizz, I get a mixture of giddy and skeptical. My hair becomes a complete frizz-ball in humidity so I am non-stop looking for something to tame the insanity. The serum is really the main de-frizzer, it is a weightless serum that smoothes the hair from cuticle down to try to manage the frizz. The luster lotion is more if you are looking for some to give a bit of a shine and add some softness to your hair.

Smoothing Lustre Lotion and Satin Drops. $7.99 each at

Next up is the Thermal Protector from Arrojo. This is for my obsession with hot irons and blow driers. All you need to do is spray this loveliness into your hair before applying heat to protect it from the harsh damage my fave instruments can cause.  This is also pretty helpful because it also has a light styling hold to make sure your hair is listening to you, which mine very rarely may have some kind of disability, I’m looking into it. But anyway, it’s great for those of you out there that share my passion for hair you can really run your fingers through. And P.S.–if the name sounds familiar, it should. Nick Arrojo from TLC’s “What Not to Wear” is the mastermind behind this brand of products.

Arrojo Thermal Protector $14

Now this last one is something a little different. It is an edible solution. I know, sounds a little bizarre but here’s the deal. Beauty Scoop is a powder supplement that you can mix in with any kind of drink, hot or cold, in an attempt to get healthier looking hair, nails and skin. It can increase the strength, and luster of your hair that has been experiencing some summer damage. I like that it offers a sample packet to try first for only 10 bucks, anything that I have to eat, I know I want a taste test before I’m making an expensive purchase. That is one thing I will say, this option is a little pricey–but if you are a smoothie person this might be just right for you.

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