Sweet Solidarity

Written by RachelR

I absolutely adore Crazylibellue and the Poppies, the cute-as-a-button Parisian company that encourages you to embrasse ma peau (“kiss my skin!” – for those non-Francophiles.)

I hinted that you should probably stock up your guest room with these succulent and sweet sticks of solid perfume for my next visit, but now I am just insisting that you go out and try this fabulous product for yourself!

My absolute favorites (as highlighted by the red kisses in the images above) are:

– ‘Vanilla Fruit Sorbet‘ from Poule de Luxe, a very flirty, fruity Framboise topped mix, with stomach soothing grown-up undertones of vanilla and iris. Sugary sweet enough to lure the boys and sexy enough to keep them.

– ‘Lilas Spiritua‘ from Shanghaïjava collection, is a fresh pure breath of the lilac bushes lining the white picket fence-lined streets of suburban Connecticut that I remember from my childhood. A very clean, very simple scent with soft vanilla notes.

– ‘You my Lord‘ from the Les Divines Alcôves collection, while reminds me a bit of the over-done pre-teen favorite, ‘Miss Dior Cherie,’ sultry, sticky top notes of mirabelle plums and patchouli give this scent a very grown-up edge.

Also, besides from super cute and convenient packaging, these perfumes can be layered for different scents that emerge as your body heats up. Plus, being under $20 a pop, you can snag a variety of these Crazy sticks to make a scent that is entirely your own!

Some recommended scent-combos to try?

Encens Mystic + Ananas Imperial
Amoureuse (In Love) + Presque Nue (In the nude almost)
Musc Patchouli + Pom d’Amour
Sucre Glace + Dans tes Bras (In your arms)
Macaron + Lemon

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