Swing Sets for Hydrophiles

ocean swingset
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If you live on the water, this ocean swing set is sort of a non-negotiable. I mean, that is if you like water. I hate it, myself – why do you think I left Florida for NYC? Zero beaches in sight, just the way I like it. When I see this swing set, I imagine sliding off the swing into an ocean of sharks and/or tourists, but I can see the appeal for others who may actually enjoy being in and around water. I suppose an ocean swing set would be “paradise”-ish for those people.

ocean swingset

Maybe you prefer rain over oceans and are the type to go out into rainstorms and frolic. They make a swing set for you, too, (by Dash 7 Design) where rain continuously falls down as you swing. Again, I hate this. I’m a free spirit, but not that kind. My Keratin treatment and Diorshow mascara mean more to me than those “poetic” moments. I’ll be inside watching Singin’ in the Rain while you’re…swingin’ in the rain.

waterfall swingset


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