Taco Bell Rolls Out Cap’n Crunch Donuts

Written by Bryce

Taco Bell is rolling out Cap’n Crunch donuts as a dessert option. While they’re certainly not luxury, they’re newsworthy.

Taco Bell has longtime been the guilty pleasure of people with educations and luxury cars. It’s not unusual to find a pile of BMW or Lexus wheels in the parking lot of a local Taco Bell, much in the same way that well off people are often found drinking Coors or Budweiser– there’s a certain take-me-back-to-my-college-moments feeling that only Taco Bell has the power to provide according to unofficial scientific research.

In an effort to grow an entirely new crop of youths dedicated to the pursuit of unhealth and tickled tastebuds, Taco Bell is currently experimenting with adding Cap’n Crunch donuts to their dessert menu. The colorful donut holes are filled with cereal milk flavored icing (we’ve heard it’s served warm), and obviously devoid of all nutritional value. So basically, they’re like PMS medicine.


There’s a chance you’re too fancy to even know that the namesake cereal has an apostrophe in the name, but no matter if you’re a ‘captain crunch donuts’ fan or the actual variety, the hot, gooey milk filling of these donuts may rope you in. According to Foodbeast, “The Cap’n Crunch Delights will be available for┬ápurchase at units in Bakersfield, California in sets of two for $1 or a dozen for $4.49.”


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