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Take February 2016 by Storm in NYC (fitness, milkshakes, and life)

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Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil Didn’t See His Shadow, but You Can Still Make Like Snowmageddon for February 2016 and Take it by Storm

So our Groundhog friend didn’t see his shadow this week, predicting spring is closer than we think.  Still, let’s face it, February will likely not win “Month of the Year.” While it’s the shortest, it only grants us one Federal holiday, which this year happens to be during Single Awareness Weekend – I mean Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, February is a time of constant reminders with Hallmark-esque window displays, social media posts and tchachkies that you can’t seem to escape. Now that Phil’s telling us spring is near, New Yorkers may be lucky enough to avoid another blizzard that causes hours of Netflix binging and no other human interaction. So I’ve decided to take this weather prediction and get out there, single or taken (Single ) and make February my BETCH. Let’s all get out there and embrace the heck out of this month so come March, we are unscathed and perky!

Force Yourself to Fitness:

Elle Woods said it herself, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people….” well you know the rest. So why not be happy and make this month the start or full force continuation of a fitness routine.  If you are not quite sure where your fitness level and desires lie, try your hand at ClassPass.

Class pass 2

This program keeps on giving and fuels exercise excitement by giving you access the largest network of fitness studios with your monthly membership.  Explore all workout models from Bikram and barre to cycling and circuit training.


Throwback Fitness: Channel the nostalgia of adolescence by modeling our unique, competitive, partner- and team-based workouts after such childhood favorites as Dodgeball and Capture the Flag, or even dorm room-inspired games like Flip Cup.

throwback fitness

Mile High Run Club: Prep for the dreaded mornings runs that are sure to come with warmer weather.  Daily group treadmill classes and endurance focused strength training sessions are led by elite runners that will help whip your ass back into shape. Just tell yourself its sweat and not tears.

Banana Skirt Productions: Banana Skirt Productions offers fun, endorphin boosting dance fitness workouts where you can channel Beyonce, JLo, Britney, Ciara and more! It’s SKINNY Britney bitch.

Haircut AKA Much Needed Gossip Session:

Of course, hair salons are where you go to give your locks some loving and employ a professional to taming your unruly strands. Yet, it can be so much more when you find the right salon, especially when it’s in located in a sweeping loft filled with delicate décor, floor to ceiling windows and a sassy stylist. Christo Fifth Avenue Salon, founded by Christo aka “The King of Curls,” approaches curly hair with his revolutionary Diametrix cutting and styling technique. He provides extensive hair education to his employees so you’re not going to come out with a poodle poof if you book with one of his stylists.


My ponytailed hairdo was looking all sorts of depressed when I came in licking my knotty/half brown, half blonde wounds. Hair Stylist Ivan pulled me into his bosoms, so to speak, and worked his curly magic. The trifecta of proper cutting, precise highlights and quality products had me ready to take my new hair on the town, or at least upload my new selfie across all my dating Apps. He was also a gem to sit and talk with because as thick haired gals know, it takes a while to tame the mane. You don’t want to have a dullard doing your hair or being at a dingy, claustrophobic facility!

Health Eating Habits:

Healthy is quite simple with all of the choices in NYC, but it’s not always easy telling the fattening food angel on your write shoulder to stop whispering about Artichoke pizza in your ear. Once you get the will power to say no to dough, check out Hu Kitchen in Union Square and now Upper East Side. This Paleo paradise has some of the most delicious chicken fingers I’ve had to date. Loving the Paleo life? Check out Kettlebell Kitchen! A delivery service that will drop food off to dozens of health & wellness facilities in the city and offers a rotating menu each week. Looking for a quality sit-down restaurant in prime locations?  Westville serves up fresh dishes at reasonable prices that won’t leave you feeling stuffed or broke.

Add in a Few Sweet Indulgences:

As we’ve already concluded, Freakshakes at Black Tap NYC sugary confections worth indulgence and if nothing else, having a bite and having a food photoshoot for social media. Other worthwhile calories can be found at in the form of cookie mounds at Levain Bakery, pudding shots in the LES Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery or doughy perfect at Doughnut Plant.

Culturally Adept:

Don’t be that person at the office who thinks the MoMA is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Get your butt out there and get your culture on! There are special promotions and free nights at museums across the city and always new exhibits to be seen. Heck, even throw in Museum of Sex for good measures.

M”App” Out Your Day:

We are in a society where our phones are often by our sides * cough, cough 24/7* A few Apps that are sure to help you map you February days are Poncho, Fitbit and for good dating juju, Bumble.

Change your walk up call from dull to Comedy Central meets morning weather report. The NEW Poncho App delivers an alarm clock in the form of a pithy daily weather reports. Originally available via text and email only, the two year old company is now expanding its culturally savvy and humorous weather/travel report services. Personalize your report based on location and time of day you wish to receive, and prepare for updates filled with humor and GIFs. Poncho has also partnered with GE to include information around energy conservation and clean energy production based on the weather. Feeling more tuned in already!


Challenge your friends and yourself, and pretend that we are excited about walking everywhere around the city. The Fitbit App makes your broken elevator, coffee run and the stairway to subway dungeon hell something to look forward to.

BuzzBuzz new bee in the hive ladies and you are in charge. Bumble seems to have some high caliber male choices compared to the other free dating Apps on the market and best of all, you are in charge. Ladies get to choose whether or not to say hi within in 24 hours of matching which forces you to decide if you were just overly swiping after Happy Hour or if you really want to take precious time out of your day to converse.

Fine, Go Ahead, Netflix & Chill: No explanation. Put on that onesie and watch the revival of Full House.

Guest contributor, Lauren Wire, lives and works in NYC and if the official curly girl of Midtown.

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