Tech Spotting: Your Diet Is About To Take A Huge Hit

Soon you’ll be able to order a pizza just by clicking a button on your fridge. THE FUTURE!

We’ve all been there before: too hungover/tired to actually order a pizza on the phone or even attempt to answer all the questions on Seamless. Well now, Red Tomato Pizza (located in Dubai) have completely taken any sort of hunting and gathering out of the “WTF should we have for dinner and how do we go about obtaining it” equation. All their loyal customers have to do is press a button on their fridge and 30 minutes later a pizza arrives. The device is first uploaded with your address and billing information, and then installed to your fridge door. When you’re hungry and want a pizza, you click the little pictures on the device to note what toppings you want and the device transmits your order to the pizzeria. Lazy or brilliant: you decide.

Although only available in Dubai for now, it won’t be long until this handy dandy button becomes a hit in NYC (or whatever part of the world you live in). Could you imagine? Being able to order your favorite Pad Thai from your refrigerator door? We’re excited for this trend to take off. Which cuisine would you get the Fridge Button for?

via Mashable

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