Thanksgiving Leftovers Turn Into Muffins. I Rejoice.

Written by Ashley

Yet another reason to be Thankful during Thanksgiving.

What does one do with their leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving? I usually let it continue to congeal in the back of the fridge, occasionally getting guests all excited about putting it on their “Gobbler” Thanksgiving sandwich concoctions. Others let it seriously fester, still in the shape of the can, until March comes around and you end up disposing of it to make room for St. Patty’s Day booze.

I beg of you, to bold, highlight, and tab this recipe in your 2011 leftover plans. Maybe it will even whip itself out before Turkey Day 2011 for a mid-winter, citrus paired cameo. Cranberries, like muffins, are delish any time of the year.

Find the recipe here: Leftover Cranberry Sauce Muffins.

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