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Written by Danielle

Summer’s here! Woo! Sure, it’s exciting. Beaching, outdoorsy activities, minimal clothing, etc. – what’s not to like, right? Wrong. This in New York City, and let’s be real, the summer in the Big friggin’ Apple smells like, well, ASS. Just envision this: it’s mid-day, you decide to meet an old friend in Chinatown for some bubble tea, and as you meander down good ol’ Canal Street you nearly throw up in your mouth because you pass a two fish markets and inadvertently grind into a stanky European tourist amid the throngs of fake-purse hunters, simultaneously. Gross, gross, gross.

And while I can’t cure the fish market problems of the world, I’ve recently found a solution to the “I’ve-been-walking-this-damn-city-all-day-and-smell-like-a-landfill” problem.

Introducing the new Degree Fine Fragrance Collection! Yep, that’s right – our favorite deodorant brand has stepped it up and is now offering sweet, fun and feminine fragrances that come in the form of body mist and – you got it! – deodorant.

Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection

Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection, available at select drugstores

Being an exclusive Degree user, I was pretty stoked to hear that they would be sending a sampler of their freshest-smelling product line my way to give it a try. Not only do I also suffer from the occasional “NYC Street Stink,” but I also can’t avoid the “NYC Street Sweat.” Needless to say, I welcomed the idea of having Degree’s anti-perspirant effectiveness along with it’s new delish scents.

So here’s the breakdown: there are three different frangrances, all of which are fairly light and not overwhelming.  My personal favorite – “Delicious Bliss” –  comes off as half floral, half fruity with its ingredients comprised of magnolia, jasmine, hyacinth, muguete, apple, peach and raspberry. “Sexy Intrigue” isn’t bad either, with vanilla as its base frangrance, while “Classic Romance” is mainly floral and is probably the only one that is almost offensive  in strength of aroma (in body mist form, that is).

I was fairly pleased with the entire line’s ability to keep my mid-day sweat to a minimum. Best of all, it’s a super inexpensive product that’s incredibly easy to find (trek to your nearest drugstore, and it’s likely to be there).  Overall, Degree’s new Women’s Fine Fragrance Line gets a two thumbs up from this reformed stinky New Yorker!

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