The Best Etsy Makeup Stores to Check Out Now

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We rounded up the best Etsy makeup stores you need to check out (because leaving the house to shop for makeup is overrated).

The world of makeup is vast and never-ending. 17 new product releases have probably been announced since you’ve started reading this sentence. Want something a little more low key and a little less Kylie Lip Kit? Etsy has you covered. From the rainbow highlighter that launched a thousand ships (or, er, Instagram posts) to the cutest cake mascaras, Etsy has something for the makeup lover in all of us. Here are the seven best Etsy makeup stores we are currently loving.

The Makeup Store

mermaid highlighter


Two words: mermaid highlighter. Not only are The Makeup Store’s highlighters super affordable, these gorgeous opalescent powders will have your face glowing overtime (like real mermaids, duh). Applied dry or wet depending on your preferred intensity level, these highlighters are truly stunning—not to mention under $10 a pop.

Keeping It Natural

cake mascara

If you like handmade, all natural, high quality vegan ingredients then Keeping It Natural is for you. Handcrafted by a retired makeup artist, this shop has everything from creamy, zero-waste and highly pigmented lipsticks to the cutest cake mascaras that double as liners. Can’t argue with that, and the vegan ingredients make this line one of the best Etsy makeup stores to watch.

Lonely Planet Girls

metallic mousse lipstick

Foxy Metallic Mousse lipstick

This California based store features the most gorgeous creamy lipsticks—from mattes to metallics and everything in between. Highly pigmented and moisturizing, these lips look straight off Instagram’s explore page.

Addictive Cosmetics


Love color? Then Addictive Cosmetics should definitely be on your radar. Their “Get This Look” sets include eyeshadows and lipstick to create the most unique, colorful looks. Bonus: everything is natural and cruelty free.

Bitter Lace Beauty

Rainbow highlighter

Rainbow highlighter

Of course we had to include the brand responsible for the handmade illuminating highlighters that broke the Internet. Unfortunately, as a result of said internet breakage, all of Bitter Lace Beauty’s makeup highlighters are out of stock (sometimes life isn’t fair). Fortunately, they’re doing a major replenish. For now, feel free to ogle their Instagram.


glitter lip gloss

If you’re still looking for a rainbow highlighter and are okay with not having the OG, Pashmac, the brand apparently made by mermaids and unicorns, could be your next best bet. Their unicorn skin highlighter is definitely a lot brighter than Bitter Lace’s, but it’s just as iridescent and perfect for festival season. They’ve also got glitter gloss for all your ‘90s girlband dreams.

I Love Nail Polish

I Love Nailpolish

I Love Nail Polish

Everyone knows Etsy is the place to be when it comes to new and innovative nail polish shades. I Love Nail Polish has all the colors you’ve been dreaming of and more. With every finish under the rainbow (from chrome to holographic to jelly), there’s a bottle for everyone.

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