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The Hows and Whys of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Written by emilyc

I don’t clean my makeup brushes, like, ever, and that is all about to change. Here’s why: there is old makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin, and bacteria just sitting there waiting to be washed away. Ew. I can’t even go there. Let me break down how exactly one rids their brushes of such horrific things.

makeup brushes

First, wet your brush under warm water with the bristles pointing down. Using a mild hand soap or shampoo, squeeze a teensy bit into your hand and lather the brush from the base of the bristles to the ends. At this point, the water in your sink will probably resemble Snooki’s skin tone. Keep washing until the water looks like water again, and be sure the bristles are pointing down the whole time.

Gently dry the brush with a paper towel (or regular towel) and lay it on its side. Make you your brushes are 100% dry before using them again, otherwise you’ll look like a hot streaky mess. Oh, and you should do this everyday for eyeliner brushes so that you don’t get eye infections! (Take it from an optometrist’s sister)

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