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The Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself This Summer

Written by Ashley

Other than NYC Condoms, of course.

Summer beauty must-haves to protect your hair, skin & rep.


Sun Protection: One of my fav things to do in the summer time is get a crew together, get some brews together, and park it outside or on my roof to catch a little vitamin D. But protection from the sun’s rays is a MUST. Lancaster’s SPF 30 Oil Free Milky Spray does the trick to make sure I’m covered from head to toe without the worries of clogged pores and making my friends uncomfortably lotion me from behind.

1.) Lancaster Sun Oil-Free Milky Body Spray SPF 30 [$25.00] online, in store Nordstrom & Bloomingdales locations

Hair Protection: I’m all about Ouidad’s intensive repair treatment.  Before you head up to the roof for some sun, or out to the beach, wet hair and the head from the sun will allow the hair cuticle to relax and help ingredients absorb better.  12 minutes later, just have someone hose you down, or take a splash in the ocean to rinse.   And to protect yourself from any dreaded grease left over, keep Johnathan’s Green Rootine Dry Shampoo on hand, with the easy-to use applicatior easily slipping in to your travel bag, this is a no-brainer for a quick day to night transition so you don’t miss ANY of the fun.

2.) Johnathan  Green Rootine Dry Shampoo available in Light, Dark and Black [$19.00] online

3.) Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment [$12] online and, in store certified Ouidad Salons and Sephora locations

Blemish Protection: To keep summer skin glowing without the nasty zits that can easily pop up in the midst of a summer sweat-fest, keep a no nonsense spot treatment handy that will last through the day. Nobody needs to be re-spotting their face before their 3:00 meeting, but I’ve found Patricia Wexler M.D.’s Acne Spot Treatment with Acnostat to be one of the thickest formulas out there, that can even stand up to dreaded bacne spots under clothing. The serious 10% Benzoyl Peroxide formula delivers the maximum dosage to nix acne-causing bacteria and get you clear in no time at all.

4.) Patricia Wexler M.D. DermatologyAcnescriptionâ„¢ Acne Spot Treatment [$15.00]

Racoon Eye Protection: An improptu trip to the neighborhood sprinkler is a fantastic way to cool off in, in my book, and a sure-fire way to make your eye makeup become a streaky mess. Keep a small makeup remover solution with you at all times to avoid said streaky messes, whether it’s at the sprinkler, after a night out, or at the beach.  Keeping your under-eye area clean and smudge free will make you look more awake and less like a crack-head. At night, make sure to smooth on a small & portable, yet rich eye cream to alleviate your makeup from resting in any crinkles & wrinkles.

5.) Aubrey Organics Herbessence 2oz Makeup Remover [$6.95]

6.) Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream [$65.00] at

Ugly Protection: Summer is a time of dewey skin celebration. Highlighters & illuminators can help kick your tan up a notch, especially if you’ve become mono-tone due to a spray tan gone wild.  My newest obsession to do so is beautyADDICT’s glimmerSHEERS compact duo. The mirrored case is portable, and the dual sided pot encases Glimmer – a soft focus luminizing luster for a sun-kissed, elegant sheen. Sheer – a crystal clear luminizer that hydrates and enhances glowing skin.  4 color duos available each suit a different skin tone. Use as a cheek, brown bone & eye corner highlighter to complete a heavier look, or use sparingly on a bare face to add glow.

7.) beautyADDICTs glimmerSHEERS [$28]

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