The Ugly Shoe Debate of Winter

Written by corey

At what point do shoes cross the line from “fashion” to ugly?

If you want to know what fuckery is, just look at my inbox. Serious. On any given day, there’s quite a few e-mails in there that just make me chuckle a little bit. I’ve got PR girls pitching me random stories that are totally off-beat and I’ve got other people asking me if I want to enter a damn contest to go to New York Fashion Week (I don’t. I live and work here.). Then something interesting will come in, and it makes us ask the philosophical question: Are these ugly? Or are they fashion?

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When Birkenstocks started making a comeback, I knew some of those “fashun gurlz” would pick that right up. I just stood by the side and watched them trip in them and spill their $10 green juices all over their blouses. I was tramping around town in my Converse and loving life. Now we’ve got some shoes we’re not really sure about. It’s between old-time shoemaker Clarks and their collaboration wtih Orla Kiely.

Sure, I totally see the appeal. Would these look great on the edgy model or downtown darling? Yes. The real question is raised when you’re thinking about the actual Clarks customer: will these shoes sell for the everyday woman? No! Of course they won’t. It’s another tale of brands doing their best to break into the edgy fashion scene and make a splash. We’ve seen some really ugly shit when it comes to designer collaborating with heritage brands, they stop looking so heritage and start looking gross. Like when Caramel Apple Oreos were invented, why?

Are we here to support the fuggliness? Or we do bite down and pray for better days? Personally, I’m going for the latter. It’s a nice effort but let’s just stop this and stick to what we’re good at.


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