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The White Elephant in Nantucket

At the White Elephant hotel in Nantucket, guests are treated to a rare blend of luxury and ease that is the hallmark of the hotel. Their exceptional level of personal attention ensures flawless service from the moment you arrive and continues uninterrupted until your departure.

The Library with its overstuffed chairs and plush sofa is ideal for enjoying a glass of port in the afternoon or relaxing by the fire in the evening.

The Harborside Lawn, with its soft, white wicker furniture, offers the perfect setting for sipping a cool glass of lemonade. From the soft furnishings and linen with hand stitching and embroidery in the guest rooms, to the rich walnut furnishings of the lobby, White Elephant radiates island grace and ease of living.

The simplicity and luxury of this quaint hotel is what makes it perfect for an easy summer getaway.

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