There’s a Discounted DNA Kit Sale Happening Right Now

Written by Bryce

This is probably the best time of the year to order one of those DNA kits.

If you’ve been sitting around twiddling your fingers for years, wondering exactly how you ended up looking the way you do, and then letting your mind drift off to the wild and exciting genetic “what if” scenarios, good news — DNA tests are temporarily discounted.

I did my own test a couple years ago along with my husband, and was shocked to find his genes matching closely with that of many mainland Italians (he’s never claimed to be even 1% Italian), and even more shocked to find Ancestry matching him up with a variety of genetic “cousins” he never knew about, especially because he had a sort of mysterious grandfather who had a whole other family before his grandmother. By the magic of spit swabbing, those North African cousins were found and we even saw very similar-looking faces in their Facebook profile photos. Why am I telling you all this? Because genetics are fascinating, and if price was holding you back from buying a test, you are now out of excuses.

The test itself is easy, requires a few dabs of saliva, and a little patience. From the time you spit in your vial and mail it back, it takes a few weeks to receive results. But that’s nothing compared to living in mystery your whole life, right?

The standard Ancestry DNA test was formerly $99, but is currently marked down to $79, which if you ask me, means you get the same test and your genetics are throwing in a free lunch to celebrate your life. We’re not sure how long the sale lasts, but we heard it’ll be over either today or tomorrow, so that’s something important to note.

Additionally, you can use code FREESHIPDNA at checkout to get free shipping.

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