There’s a Vegan McDonalds Burger You Should Know About

Written by Bryce

Yes, a vegan McDonalds burger exists… it’s just not here yet.

The vegan McDonalds burger isn’t a myth or an urban legend — it’s very real, it’s just not available in the US yet, and that’s making a lot of herbivores with low budgets pretty sad. The Spicy Veggie Sandwich is apparently only available in the Norwegian market, but rumors are swirling that it may eventually make its way to the states to meet growing market demand for vegetarian and vegan meal offerings.

McDonalds vegan burger, except the cheese isn’t vegan

According to a several years-old Norwegian McDonalds statement, “The Veggie Patty served in our Spicy Veggie Sandwich, Wrap, and Vegetable Deluxe has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and contains no animal derivatives.” The sauces, however, are a different story with a range of ingredient inclusions from eggs to dairy. The patty itself is made mostly of red kidney beans and spices like cumin and cayenne.

Veggie McSpice at McDonalds Norway, via @chrisbeevegan on Instagram

The vegan McDonalds burger is actually only vegan if the cheese and sauces are left off, though, and diehards around the internet are chiming in with philosophical questions like, “if a vegan McDonalds burger is served in a house full of meat, is it even vegan at all?” We don’t have the answer to that, but we can tell you that rigid kosher and halal diet adherents will still NOT be able to partake in this meal due to the fact that all the same non-vegan kitchen equipment was likely shared.

For US fast food lovers, the vegan options are slim, and basically just include oatmeal, jam, ketchup, those little bags of cut up fruit, and depending on who you ask, the hash browns.

This vegan McDonalds burger looks pretty good, right? We just wish the hand holding it was rocking pink quartz nails. via @beandsee on Instagram

If you’re traveling and looking for a quick, vegan-friendly snack, it may still be best to pack a banana and a jar of halva spread.

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