Top 10 Seats in Commercial Business Class

Written by Bryce

You: well traveled and well heeled inhabitant of the world. Your aim: to find the most dazzlingly comfortable and plush commercial flight experience possible. According to, these are the top 10 commercial airline seats your money can buy:

1.     Emirates ( Complimentary chauffeur transportation from passenger’s home or hotel to the airport and back is just the beginning.

2.     Singapore Airlines ( “Book the Cook” services allow preflight ordering from an extensive menu.

3.     Cathay Pacific ( Passengers can provide their own entertainment to the 15.5-inch personal HD TVs by hooking up their iPad or iPhone via in-seat USB ports.

4.     Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways offers 17-inch touchscreen TVs with more than 1,000 entertainment options keep passengers entertained on long-haul routes.

5.     British Airways: The pioneer of lie-flat seats, BA is also notable for elegant airport lounges offering preflight meals.

6.     Virgin Atlantic ( Its famous onboard cocktail lounge has been redesigned for more privacy.

7.     Ethiad Airways ( Seats are nestled in cocoon-like shells with adjustable mood lighting. Plus, a la carte food can be ordered any time.

8.     Air France ( Travelers can use a personal satellite phone while in the air. Noise-canceling headphones are a nice amenity not always available elsewhere.

9.     Delta Air Lines ( With high-end service, Delta’s lie-flat seats all have aisle access and big overhead bins.

10.  Korean Air ( Korean Air stresses privacy and a convenient workspace with its new lie-flat Prestige Sleeper Seat.

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