Top Five Reasons To Have Sex In The Morning

morning sex
Written by Gary

morning sex

If you don’t like sex, it gets it out of the way early. Lets be honest-when you are in a relationship you aren’t always going to be in the mood. Your husband/boyfriend/secretly gay lover probably will be though, and of course, you want to keep him happy. If you do it in the morning, you can use that as an excuse when he wants it later on, after you have eaten onion enchiladas with bean dip for dinner.

It is a form of exercise, and exercise gives you energy. Its a proven fact that sex is a good form of exercise, especially if you get as into it as I sometimes do. Swinging from a chandelier at 7 AM whilst getting pounded in the growler is bound to make you feel super healthy for the rest of the day.

If your guy is willing to sleep with you when your makeup is smeared all over your face, it means he really loves you. Lets be honest, you probably look like a wildebeest when you wake up. If you are past the point of getting up early to fix your makeup, and your guy still wants to sex you up, then it probably means he actually loves you. You may think that a hole is a hole, but if that were true he would just screw his breakfast canteloupe.

Its okay to be lazy during sex in the morning. In fact, you can actually sleep through it. True story. I have done it.

Sex will put you in a good mood, in the event that you hate your job and want to kill your boss. We all have stressful jobs, and nothing beats stress like taking it downtown to pound town. Your boss may be a bitch because she hasn’t had a good dicking in 13 years, but you can go to work feeling refreshed and attractive, because you aren’t a dried up old hag just yet.

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